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Pedigree Bobby

Jackaroo van Koridwenn

Brettonpark Love on the Rocks at Mallicot

Brettonpark Country Tweed

Aberthorne Arrester

Brettonpark Vienna Charm

Brettonpark Trace of Gold

Brettonpark Bobbee Dazzler

Brettonpark Joyfulness

Mallicot Kisses for Sale

Shellina Mr Sandman at Brettonpark

Brettonpark Whatzizname

Storwil Song n Dance

Mallicot Razz-Ma-Tazz

Brettonpark Country Tweed

Mallicot A-May-Zing

Ch. Rosegarden’s Petit Câline

Ch. Lynway Seldom Sober

Lynway Sandknocker

Myberns Mandane

Arranbrook Cleopatra at Lynway

Lynway Serenade

Mossylea Shades of Glory at Lynway

Mossylea Shady Lady at Lynway

Ch. Rosegarden’s
Harmony Mandy

Brettonpark Claim to Fame

Brettonpark Country Tweed

Glenzara Firedancer at Brettonpark

Tameila Donna Daydream