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Pedigree Heaven

Timeless Twilight
Fame or Fortune

Jonny vom
Dünnwalder Busch

van Koridwenn

Brettonpark Love on the Rocks at Mallicot

Mallicot Kisses for Sale

Glen Morristone’s
Lady in Red

Mirpet Red Baron

Glen Morristone’s Be My Little Lady

Que Sera

Glen Morristone’s
Fortune Teller

Jackaroo van Koridwenn

Glen Morristone’s Be My Little Lady

Sweet Return
of Lynway

Clorita Almost Amorous at Lynway

Lynway Secret Charme

Ch. Rosegarden’s
Xotic Cocaine

Brilyn Goldfinger
at Lynnswed

Dolen Double Brandy
at Brilyn

Brilyn Supertramp

Sungold of Dolen

Matai Satin ‘n’ Lace
at Brilyn

Brilyn Supertramp

Matai Flaming Jenny

Ch. Rosegarden’s
Jaunty Jean

Clorita Contemplation
at Lynway

Ch. Lynway Seldom Sober

Beechmere Disco Dancer at Clorita

Ch. Tameila
Donna Daydream

Storwill Joe Soap of Tameila

Tamaila Rather Sweet